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We are a group of talented professionals led and managed by Brett Simpson. Brett has been selling & marketing online since 1997, having come from a background in computer programming and design.

Brett Simpson

Brett Simpson

Brett’s experience includes over 25 years of computer programming, and 15 years of internet marketing and online sales.  He knows computers inside and out, but best of all, he understands the nature of marketing online. He can help you achieve the results you desire in the, sometimes confusing world, of online marketing.  With his extensive background in being a webmaster (and online store owner) he can steer you toward the correct technology to get the job done and the right media channels to achieve your marketing goals. He has operated his own dedicated servers for years online, and he maintains a dedicated email server that regularly sends promotional and marketing messages to over 58,000 active subscribers.

He maintains and manages Google Adwords campaigns, optimizes landing pages, and is proficient in Local Marketing (Google Places optimization). His Social Media experience includes complete custom Facebook eCommerce and Facebook Application development as well as Twitter and YouTube background graphic design, and media marketing integration utilizing Google and other channels (Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc) to help you reach your online marketing goals.

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